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to that modest little website about MEL-scripts and stuff for Alias Maya. During work and hobby with Maya, from echoing the first commands, to create complex UIsI got more and more into MEL and of course Maya itself. There is still a lot to learn. But this is yet a bit of what I did so far. I'm very curious about what you think about it. What could be improved? What could be done? Where is a bug, is somethng wrong? So drop me a line if you got something on your mind.


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Dez-05-2005: added snippet openFolderOfScene.mel / finished another "how to"-animated gif / really uploaded something!!

Oct-19-2005: added news rant feature. / added scripts smartCopy/smartPaste



how it works

For most scripts I will try to create a small animated gif on the left for preview of what it does. Just move your mouse over the image and see. A more or less detailed explaination can be find next to it. To download it right click the link to the lower right and select something like "Save it somewhere..."

Running a script is really simple. Running also means sourcing or executing. Usually you have it somewhere on your harddisk in a Textfile with the suffix ".mel" These files can be simply dragged and are immediately sourced when dropped over Maya. But you can also source a script via Script Editor or run it with another very cool Script called Script Explorer. You can find it at highend3D.

Installing the script for every startup isn't much harder. At first you have to place the script-file into your DRIVELETTER:\documents and settings\USERNAME\my files\maya\6.0\scripts"-folder. The .mel-files in there are sourced when your Maya starts. A lot of scripts come with procedures wich have to be called to run the real action the script delivers. Usually its just the name of that script-file e.g.: if you got jungleBoogie.mel sourced --> just type jungleBoogie in Maya Command Line or Script Editor and boogie!

Now If you got your file where it belongs and sourced it in Maya you may mark the name in Maya Command Line and drag & drop it with the Middle Mouse Button [MMB] to the Shelf. Voila! Or you open up the Hotkey Editor and create a new Hotkey for it.

download the script template   

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Use the scripts on your own risc! I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you, your computer, your data or operatingsystem using my scripts.

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