These are the tiny little helpers that guide me through the day when working. Really not the big leap in scripting. But why should I hide them? Here might be something you didn't know so far, or might help you learning to write MEL, or of course it might be complete crap to you as well ;]

Most important: these are scripts without procedures! They execute when you source them into Maya. You may drag and drop one into Maya, put the whole script onto a shelf-button or hotkey command or (very fashionable too) run it with ScriptExplorer or ScriptLister (this is good when you got lots of them).

In this section there are 4 subcategories: display : :  modeling : :  animation : :  misc : :


eric aka ewerybody

display : :





Toggles: no Wireframe > Wireframe on Selected > no Wireframe > Wireframe on all > no Wireframe ....



download cycleWireframOnShaded.mel    


Yep.. toggles the grid and also the one in the UV-Editor.


download toggleGrid.mel    


This one is for hiding and showing selected objects with one command. It simply toggles the .visibility-channel at each object to its opposite.


download toggleVis.mel    


Toggles on/off X-Ray shading in the viewport or the backgroundimage at the UV-Texture Editor.


download toggleXRay.mel    


In HyperShade "f"-Key doesn't act like everywhere else. Override "f" with this and you can FrameAll with nothing selected in HyperShade too.


download HSframeAllFix.mel    


modeling : :

duplicateFace / extractFace

Restores your current tool if you model without History


download extractFace.mel / duplicateFace.mel    

multiHardEdge / multiSoftEdge

If you want to put "polySoftEdge .. " on a hotkey or shelf-button and you want to soft/hard more than one object it tells you "Doesn't work with multiple objects selected" Pff!! ;P


download multiHardEdge.mel / multiSoftEdge.mel    


With this well... the name already tells it quite good. You can Cycle UVs on all faces you selected. But its quite slow with very many faces!!


download multiRotateUVs.mel    


animation : :


Fills up either all 3 translate, rotate or scale-animchannels so that all three are full.


download fillEmptyAnimChannelsToThree.mel    


Context sensitive reverses Faces in viewport, reverses animation curves in GraphEditor.


download reverseIt.mel    


misc : :


Simply loads the most recent item in the recent files stack. Good morning when coming to work and press reloadLastScene instead of crawling in the menus ;] Or try this: reloadLastButOneScene good for toggling betweent 2 scenes.


download reloadLastScene.mel    


I finally made it a one-liner!! :] This just opens up a Windows-Explorer with the current Scene selected.


download openFolderOfScene.mel    


Select an object and then select the ones you want to replace with the first: Voila: All objects are replaced, translation and rotations are matched.


download replaceObjects.mel    


Tiny but very nice: make a selection, run it and every second object or component is deselected. Useful if you want to thin out something.


download selectEverySecond.mel    


Select objects in the order you want to sort them in the outliner and run the script.


download sortBySelection.mel