Here you find scripts with procedures that you can put on hotkeys or shelf in Maya. You need to call the according script-name to run the action after sourcing the script.

Usually (at my scripts always!) the script-name is actually the procedure to call the action the script delivers. E.g. for scaleVertexTool.mel call scaleVertexTool to run it. Or like I said pack it onto a hotkey or shelf or whatever.. Do not try to hack "anything.mel" into the command line!! It won't work! Its just "anything". Get it?



eric aka ewerybody    

smartCopy / smartPaste

This is to substitute standard CTRL-C and CTRL-V. It copys UVs and its material if you select faces and copys whole objects from scene to scene if selected. It askes if you really want to paste the scene clipboard to avoid accidentially pasting and deletes the annoying "pasted__" at the new objects.

This one has no procedures so far, but If you wish, you can make some out of it.

has UI: no   procedures: 0   lines of code: 68


download smartCopy.mel / smartPaste.mel    


To me Mayas Snap Scale seems always somehow bitchy. With this you can scale a selection of vertexes by an amount set by you. And whats most important: Its got a shelfButton, that allows you to repeat the command simply by pressing "g" for Redo Last Command. Useful for scaling a rope or something. Or Even just snapping Vertices together on one axis.

This one is dedicated to TOM!

has UI: yes   procedures: 3   lines of code: 58


download scaleVertexTool.mel    

detachSeparate  v1.6

Basically its not my script. Its from Jeff Dobson. But I did a small bugfix and added my reordering routine so that the new object appears right after the one you separated from, not at the end of the objects in hierarchy. (credits to Joojaa 4 that)

The idea is so simple as it is brilliant: It duplicates the base object, deletes the faces you selected at this one. Then it deletes the faces you didn't select on the new object and its finished! The benefits are: the name is kept, the hierarchy, the pivot, the animation (if you got "duplicate input graph" turned on at duplicate options) and its just snappy ;P

has UI: no   procedures: 1   lines of code: 65


download detachSeparate.mel    


Why several commands for extruding Edges or Faces? If I select Edges ... what could I want to extrude? Exactly! smartExtrudeVEF extrudes depending on what kind of Poly Component you selected. Vertices, Edges or Faces. Run it via "smartExtrudeVEF 0". Or open up the aacording extrude options via "smartExtrudeVEF 1".

has UI: no   procedures: 1   lines of code: 20


download smartExtrudeVEF.mel    


This restores the "real" pivot position without the Local Pivot offset wich occurs if you freeze transform, move the pivot or just do center pivot. It works with animated objects and now even in hierarchies! Very important when doing export to realtime 3D Engines.

It took quite a long way to do this. And I still really can't believe that it works so well :] so please report if you experience something strange. Only Bug left is that translation-animated children will be offset after resetPivot. I could fix it too but ... I think this goes too far ;]

has UI: no   procedures: 1   lines of code: 100


download resetPivot.mel